SWELL 2021/2022 winners announced SWELL 2021/22 concludes at Warlies Park

19th Apr 22

SWELL series
SWELL series

Following the unfortunate cancellation of our Event at Thorndon South, the SWELL series was limited to 8 events this year.

So without further ado, this year’s Role of Honour is:-

Amelie Maule-Lidbury on WHITE, the ONLY entrant in 2 events, showing the will to compete can reap rewards!

Similarly, for Hugo Maule-Lidbury on YELLOW, who competed in twice as many events as his rivals.

Well done Erik Biernacki-Jablonski on ORANGE, including 2 wins in the class.

Abigail Prince took the LIGHT GREEN, again with 2 wins. Special mention for our own Charlie Maule-Lidbury who was 2nd in this class and 5th in Orange!

Senior colour winners were Dave Norman on GREEN, Dale Bennett on BLUE - again proving turning up can be enough - and Antoine Presenti on BROWN.

All colour Winners will get a trophy.

Our top Lady in the overall Adult League was Sue Hartley, competing in 4 events and winning 2 in her class. Well done. 

Completing the Trophy collectors and retaining his 2019-20 crown, is David Dixon, pipping Guy Lidbury. The top 5 all had some good results and hopefully will make it a similar close finish next year.

Congratulations to all the winners, and remember, sometimes taking part can actually reap rewards!