SWELL 2021/2022 South and West Essex Local League

10th Feb 22

South & West Essex Local League
South & West Essex Local League
Source: HAVOC

SWELL is the South and West Essex Local League, an individual league which is run by Havering and South Essex (HAVOC) and Chigwell and Epping Forest (CHIG) orienteering clubs with Essex Stragglers Orienteering Society (SOS) hosting one or two events a season. There are eight to ten events held on either a Saturday or Sunday between September and June each season. The league is open to everyone. By virtue of taking part in a SWELL event you automatically qualify for the league, you do not need to register for the league. 

As a minimum, White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Green and Blue courses are offered and normally a Short Green. At some events a Very Short Green, Brown and even Black may be offered and possibly Short Blue and Short Brown.

Here are the final 2021/22 league standings:

Final League standings

Series Report:

Following the unfortunate cancellation of our Event at Thorndon South, the SWELL series was limited to 8 events this year.

So without further ado, this year’s Role of Honour is:-

Amelie Maule-Lidbury on WHITE, the ONLY entrant in 2 events, showing the will to compete can reap rewards!

Similarly, for Hugo Maule-Lidbury on YELLOW, who competed in twice as many events as his rivals.

Well done Erik Biernacki-Jablonski on ORANGE, including 2 wins in the class.

Abigail Prince took the LIGHT GREEN, again with 2 wins. Special mention for our own Charlie Maule-Lidbury who was 2nd in this class and 5th in Orange!

Senior colour winners were Dave Norman on GREEN, Dale Bennett on BLUE - again proving turning up can be enough - and Antoine Presenti on BROWN.

All colour Winners will get a trophy.

Our top Lady in the overall Adult League was Sue Hartley, competing in 4 events and winning 2 in her class. Well done. 

Completing the Trophy collectors and retaining his 2019-20 crown, is David Dixon, pipping Guy Lidbury. The top 5 all had some good results and hopefully will make it a similar close finish next year.

Congratulations to all the winners, and remember, sometimes taking part can actually reap rewards!

Summary of winners since 2005/06

League events

#1 19/9/21 SOS Baddow Ridge  
#2 28/9/21 HAVOC Epping SW  
#3 10/10/21 CHIG Epping SE  
#4 28/11/21 HAVOC Weald Park  
#5 5/12/21 CHIG Epping N  
#6 30/1/22 HAVOC Bedfords Park  
#7 20/2/22 SOS Writtle Forest  
#8 20/3/22 CHIG Warlies Park  


SWELL Point Scoring Rules

  1. Juniors score up to 100 points according to finishing position on White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses.
  2. Recommended junior courses are White (School Years 3-6), Yellow (Years 7 & 8), Orange (Years 9 & 10) and Light Green (Years 11-13). 
  3. Juniors running down a course score 50% points, 2 courses 25% points, etc.
  4. Juniors competing as a pair each score 50% points; juniors score 10 points if with an adult.  
  5. Adults on White to Light Green courses score up to 50 points according to finishing position. 
  6. Adults on Green, Blue and Brown  courses (as well as Black if offered) score up to 100 points according to finishing position. 
  7. Disqualified competitors score 10 points.
  8. Adult league takes into account points scored on all courses.
  9. Points scored on short courses are combined with those scored on the longer colour (e.g. Short Green is added to Green). Points scored on any Black course are combined with the Brown.
  10. Points scored on "adult courses", courses above Light Green,are combined and shown as the Adult League.

Getting started

Orienteering means maps, forests and adventure. You can walk, jog or run and choosing your route to the red and white markers is fun. It does not matter how old, young or fit you are - you go at your own pace. If you like excitement, fresh air and exploring the countryside then Orienteering is the sport for you.

Orienteering can best be described as competitive navigation on foot. You find your way around a course going from point to point using a specially drawn large scale map and a compass. No expensive kit is needed - just sensible outdoor clothes (long trousers are compulsory at most events), a good pair of trainers, a red pen, a clear polythene bag to put the map in and a whistle for safety.

Getting started is easy. Each league event has a minimum of 5 courses. If you are new to the sport, you can start with the beginners courses of about 3 kilometres (white and yellow), and when you get more confident, you can move up to the intermediate courses of about 4 kilometres (orange and light green). In addition, there is a longer course of about 5 kilometres (blue), aimed at experienced orienteers.


All events have Registration from 10am until at least 11am. Starts normally will be from 10.30 until 11.30 (12.30 on Sundays). Courses close at 1pm on Saturdays and 2pm or later on Sundays.


All events will have courses suitable for beginners, improvers and experienced orienteers. 
(A minimum of colour coded standard White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green and Blue courses will be on offer at each event.)
There will be help and advice for beginners at every event. (Please contact the Co-ordinator if you wish to bring a large group so that we can make arrangements to give you extra help with Registration and allocating Courses and Start times etc.)


Saturday events: Seniors: approximately £7   Juniors: £3 
Sunday events:   Seniors: approximately £8 Juniors: £3
The events on Sundays are larger events, with a wider range of courses and normally a larger map. 
All events normally use electronic punching (SI). There will be an additional charge of £1 to hire an electronic punching “dibber” if you do not own one.

Car parking

NB Essex County Council levies a car parking fee.


Unless otherwise stated dogs are welcome at these events, but must be under strict control at all times, both in the Registration area and in the competition area. 

HAVOC’s website is at www.orienteering-havoc.co.uk
CHIG’s website is at www.chig.org.uk
Essex Stragglers (SOS)'s website is at www.stragglers.info

The SWELL coordinator, Dale Bennett, can be contacted via