Certainly the weather took us all by surprise, it turned out to be a glorious day. Not quite so glorious at 7am when the planner, controller and assistant controller arrived in the forest to find the grass on Chingford Plain white with frost! Woolly hats and gloves were needed but it did warm up very quickly.

It is congratulations to both SOS and HH junior teams. The two teams tied for this round of the Yvette Baker Trophy (YBT) and we believe both have qualified for the final in July, SOS to represent EAOA (East Anglia Orienteering Association) and HH SEOA (South East Orienteering Association).

With nearly 300 people taking part, we did run out of White course maps and if the kind competitor who give up their map so someone else could have a run would like to email me, I will send you the PDF file of the course.

Unfortunately the curse of the mountain bike has well and truly struck this part of Epping Forest. The map was updated in January but since then a multitude of new tracks have appeared, many since the control site checking was done in February/early March.

Epping Forest is never easy but Garry Parmenter produced technical but fair courses which are reflected in the event results.

Thanks go to Garry Parmenter for planning and Colin Jackson for organising and to Tony Maycraft (CHIG) for helping check the controls on the day. Also thanks to Anne Power (LOK) and Jennifer Taylor (CHIG) for assisting the small band of HAVOC helpers: Barbara Fothergill, Gillian Edgar, Rachel Cooper, Graham Batty, Paul Beckett, Tony Biggs, Chris Shaw, Doug McTurk, Dale Bennett and Stewart Mills

If you have any comments about the event or would like to know more about membership of HAVOC, please email me.

Janet Biggs (Controller)