Next SWELL Event:

Sunday 24 September - HAVOC Weald Country Park

04th May 17

The 2017 -2018 SWELL season will begin at Weald Country Park near Brentwood on Sunday 24 September 2017 with HAVOC. This event will incorporate a round of this year's East Anglian League. 


Current standings

Adult League standings


Final Results for the 2015-2016 season 

Congratulations to all the course winners:

SWELL 2015/16 Champions
WHITE Luke Bennett Church School
YELLOW Emma Bowie-Britton Brentwood School
ORANGE Catriona Kadirkamanathan Brentwood School
LIGHT GREEN Luke Cooper Brentwood School
GREEN David Lefevre DFOK
BLUE David Hodson HH
BROWN John Ockenden CUOC

David Lefevre