Next SWELL Event:

Sunday 21 January - HAVOC at Harts Wood, Brentwwod

30th Nov 17

The first 2017-2018 SWELL event in 2018 is at Hartswood, Brentwood on Sunday 21 January with HAVOC.  


Current standings (NB. Yellow standings updated following an error with Hylands Park results)

Adult League standings


Results for the 2016-2017 season

Adult League Results 

Congratulations to all the course winners:

SWELL 2016/17 Champions
WHITE Luke Bennett DFOK
YELLOW Janie Horton Brentwood School
ORANGE Emma Bowie-Britton Brentwood School
LIGHT GREEN Matthew Dixon HH
GREEN Keith Bennett DFOK
BLUE David Dixon HH
BROWN Mike Muggeridge HAVOC

David Dixon