HAVOC finish fourth in the SE heat of the Compass Sport Trophy Compass Sport Trophy

16th Mar 23

HAVOC finished a creditable fourth (of six) in the SE heat of the Compass Sport Trophy.

The heat was held at the SO Worthlodge event, on a nice sunny spring morning, on Sunday 12th March.

The slope down from the start was a bit precarious in the thick mud, but it was mostly dry(ish) in the forests - although some of the tracks were a bit muddy and slippery, and the run in to the finish, which formed a separate competition for the fastest finish, was a bit slippery as well.

Some nice legs on the courses and some tricky navigation made the courses seem quite fair. 

We had a team of 15 running on the day, just enough as it turned out, as two retirements left the 13 scorers needed for a full team.  Interestingly, GO who we beat into 5th, had the same number of runners, but hadn't managed their spread of courses as well, so could only manage 11 scorers.

Guy Lidbury and Hugo Maule-Lidbury top scored for us with 98 points each, Mike Muggeridge 97, and Chris Prince 96 also in the top 5 on their courses.  Many congratulations to those who ran up one or more courses to ensure we maximised our points on the day.

It was a close run thing at the top with SAX just seeing off DFOK and MV.

Our fastest run in went to Hugo, 19 seconds to complete the 80m sprint for the line.

Well done Team HAVOC.