HAVOC League

2018-19 & previous seasons

08th Jan 19

The HAVOC league is an annual individual competition for HAVOC members and is based on events during the summer to spring seasons. The scoring algorithm for the competition is given below.

There is also a Participation League where club members can score points for attending a range of events from the EA League and SE League calendars plus UKOL (UK orienteering league), UK Relay League, and other local events including GLOSS (Greater London orienteering summer series). 

Both the HAVOC League and Participation League are managed by David Float. 


Congratulation to Mike Muggeridge for retaining his league title for 2017/18, his third win in sucessive years,


Current standings for 2018/19 as at 1 March 2019


Results for 2017/18

Results for 2016/17

Results for 2015/16

Results for 2014/15 



Class Target Mins/k Target Course Score event speed factor
M10 8 Yellow 1.33
M12 7.75 Orange 1.29
M14 7.5 L Green 1.25
M16 7 Blue 1.17
M18 6.75 Sh Brown/Blue 1.13
M20 6.5 Sh Brown/Blue 1.08
M21 6 Black/Brown 1.00
M35 6.5 Brown 1.08
M40 6.75 Brown 1.13
M45 7.25 Sh Brown/Blue 1.21
M50 7.5 Sh Brown/Blue 1.25
M55 8 Blue 1.33
M60 8.75 Blue 1.46
M65 9.5 Sh Blue/Green 1.58
M70 10.5 Green 1.75
M75 11.5 Sh Green/L Green 1.92
M80 13 Sh Green/L Green 2.17
M85 13 Sh Green/L Green 2.17
W10 8.5 Yellow 1.42
W12 8.75 Orange 1.46
W14 8.75 L Green 1.46
W16 8.5 Green 1.42
W18 8.25 Sh Blue/Green 1.38
W20 8 Sh Blue/Green 1.33
W21 7.5 Sh Brown/Blue 1.25
W35 8.25 Blue 1.38
W40 8.75 Blue 1.46
W45 9.25 Sh Blue/Green 1.54
W50 9.75 Sh Blue/Green 1.63
W55 10.5 Green 1.75
W60 11.75 Green 1.96
W65 12.75 Sh Green/L Green 2.13
W70 14 Sh Green/L Green 2.33
W75 15.25 Sh Green/L Green 2.54
W80 17 Sh Green/L Green 2.83
W85 17 Sh Green/L Green 2.83

Where two courses are shown above, if the first is not offered, the second course listed above represents the target course.



Multiply the corrected distance (distance plus 10* climb) of your course by the target rate above to give your target time. For each 1% more than this target time you take you lose 1 point (down to a minimum of 1 point) from the 100 points that you would get for achieving this target time. Similarly for each 1% faster you go you gain 1 point.

At relay events, the calculation is essentially the same, with the target time being calculated on all runners in the team.

At Night events, the target time is 120% that of the traditional scoring tables, above, to reflect the average finishing times in the SE champs over the last few years.

For score events, points will be calculated as follows - for the premier score course, calculate corrected points as follows - score from results (before any handicap adjustment) multiplied by age class speed factor. the highest points score is awarded 110 points, everyone else scores points in proportion.