HAVOC placed 5th in the EA heat of Compass Sport Trophy

22nd Feb 24

HAVOC competed in the  EAOA heat of the Compass Sport Trophy, at Kings Forest, on February 18, 2024.  This event was hosted by SUFFOC, and included teams from CHIG, HAVOC, LOG, NOR, SMOC, SOS, and SUFFOC.  The winning team advanced to the final.

It was a wet day, and conditions were pretty muddy, but the courses were on flat terrain, so it wasn't too bad.  We had some excellent team organisation, so although we had the smallest number of runners on the day, we were still able to accumulate the full complement of scorers, whereas two of our competitors dropped a runner, so didn't score as highly.  NOR won the heat, closely followed by SOS and LOG.

Our full list of scorers was:

Name Class Score
Charlie Maule-Lidbury 9A 98
Chloe Fowler 3 97
Paul Beckett 4 97
Andrew Welsh 7 95
Jennifer Gebka 5 94
Hugo Maule-Lidbury 9A 94
Rosalind West 10 94
Christopher Prince 1 92
Simon Fowler 2 91
Michael Muggeridge 2 90
Zbig Gebka 4 89
Barbara Beckett 5 87
Graham Batty 6 86

We also had runs from Guy Lidbury, Zbig Gebka, David Float, Barbara Beckett, Colin Jackson, and Dale Bennett.

Well done everyone.