HAVOC Club Championsips 2024

18th Mar 24

Club Champs Trophy
Club Champs Trophy

After much debate it has been concluded that the most suitable event for the Club Champs is the TVOC Regional Event at Hodgemoor Woods, near Beaconsfield, HP9 2FX on Sunday 21st April 2024.

Details for the event are here:

Course details are:
Brown (8.0km; 130m climb)
Blue (6.5km; 125m climb)
Green (5.1km; 100m climb)
Short Green (3.7km; 60m climb)
Light Green (4.1km; 80m climb)
Red (4.7km; 80m climb)
Orange (3.3km; 55m climb)
Yellow (2.5km; 45m climb)
White (1.6km; 30m climb)

Entry is guaranteed until 14th April.  Entry fees are £12/£4 until then, with a surcharge of £2/£1 in the final week.

For the Club Champs, the required courses are:
Men:        M21-M55 Blue     M60+ Green      M70+ Short Green
Women:  W21-W45 Blue     W50+ Green      W60+ Short Green
Seniors may run a longer course if they choose provided it is of the same technical standard as those shown above. 

Open winners are decided on speed per km, and Handicap winners based on speed per km after an adjustment for age has been made. There is no adjustment for climb.

The Junior classes have been separated by sex and age, as follows: 
M6 and W6:         White
M8 and W8:         White
M10 and W10:     White
M12 and W12:    Yellow
M14 and W14:    Orange

Prizes for all classes will be presented at our Annual Club Dinner at The Springhouse, Corringham on Saturday 4th May 2024.