HAVOC Club Championships 2018

Writtle Forest

08th Mar 18

The 2018 HAVOC Club Championships are to be held on Sunday 25 March at the SOS (Essex Stragglers) Writtle Forest event which incorporates the EAOA Championships as well as a round of SWELL.

The event is entry on the day only.

Because this is the EAOA Championships, HAVOC members are welcome to enter the course for their age class so they can compete in that competition. For the HAVOC Club Championships, winners will be decided on speed per km across the courses. For information, the normal recommended courses are shown below:

Men:       M21-M55 Blue,    M60+ Green

Women: W21-W45 Blue,   W50+ Green

Handicap winners will be decided based on speed per km after an adjustment for age has been made.

Juniors: Can run any course as the Captain will choose the best junior based on performance on the day.