Langdon Hills Colour Coded

2017/18 SWELL round 3 & ESSOL

Sun 05th Nov 2017

Type of event: Regional
Type of terrain: Parkland, Woodland

Information updated: 7th Nov



Planner's Comments - Guy Lidbury

Planning this event was certainly a challenge, but not for the usual reasons!

I began in September whilst waiting for an updated map, but soon resigned the armchair planned courses to the bin, due to major bramble and bracken advancement in Coombe Wood, and considerable path network changes in the lightly wooded parts of One Tree Hill. My second set of courses soon followed the first, as at the beginning of October the travellers in eight huge caravans arrived in the assembly field in Dry Street, and the Park Ranger said there was no guarantee they could be moved off site in time for the event.

A decision was then made to squeeze the event into One Tree Hill, and I began again, still using the 2014 map. My challenges were now to maintain technical courses whilst minimising path runs and too much climb (a first for Essex?), and for the courses up to light green on essentially a thin strip of escarpment, to ensure map and course clarity on an A4 sized 1:5000 map.

Ten days before the deadline for printing, the new map arrived; which necessitated further course alterations. And finally, what looked to be good final courses suddenly were not, as upon putting them on OCAD they became a mass of overlapping lines and circles, so all had to be modified yet again.

How ironic also that a week before the event the travellers were moved on!

When putting controls out, I was surprised how just two frosts in the week had caused so much leaf fall and bracken die off, opening up parts and giving competitors views of some controls from quite a distance. Something we could not avoid I’m afraid.

After all said and done, it was a glorious morning for the event and, from the feedback I received, the courses were enjoyed by all. With hindsight maybe the last leg of climb on the green should have been omitted, perhaps the platform on brown was a little artistic on the part of the mapper (I was there with an elated Tom Edelsten when he found this new feature to map), and maybe further thought should have been given as to how to describe evergreen bushes and trees.

My thanks go to Graham the controller, Janet the organizer, all the helper, all of you for turning up at the event, and my three children for trudging around the woods with me the last few weekends.

Organiser's Comments - Janet Biggs

My main concern was getting everyone into the small car park but thankfully with the help of the family combination of Rob, Kerry and Jack Enderby this was achieved with a few spaces to spare - much to my relief! It was good to have the services of a policeman and a soldier.

A problem arose on the day while we were setting up the event. My right-hand man, our trusty and reliable Chairman Colin Jackson, slipped over on the very wet grass and twisted his knee badly. I hope Colin recovers quickly. 

Guy's courses were well received and the weather, although colder than it has been, stayed dry which made for a good day apart from Colin's injury.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the event happen. Other helpers not mentioned above, who kept the event running were: Barbara and Paul Beckett, Dale Bennett, Tony Biggs, Steve Kemp, Charlie Maule-Lidbury, Garry Parmenter and Chris Shaw. 



A level C Ranking event incorporating the SWELL League 2017/18 (event #3) and a round of the 2017/18 ESSOL (Essex and Suffolk Schools Orienteering League).


Location map

Nearest town: Basildon

Directions / Parking

NB. CHANGE OF CAR PARK (as at 20/10/2017)

From M25 Junction 30:  Head east along the A13 towards Southend for 10 miles. Take the slip-road at the Five Bells interchange/junction with A176 & B1420. 4th exit at first roundabout onto A176; 2nd exit at second roundabout back towards the M25; 1st exit at 3rd roundabout onto the B1420. After nearly 1 mile, turn right at the next roundabout onto One Tree Hill. After 200m you should cross over the A13. The car park is a further 300m on the left. Free car parking. Limited car parking space - please share if possible.

NB. Approaching by car along Dry Street is not recommended. There is no access to Dry Street from the A176 Nethermayne.

Nearest railway station is Basildon about 2.5k from the car park.


Final details - includes additional information not in the flyer



Toilets 300m uphill from the centre of the car park.

Terrain Description

Map 1:10,000 using ISOM 2017, resurveyed by Tom Edelsten autumn 2017.

1:5000 used for White & Yellow courses.

Course overprint will be to ISOM 2000 as new symbol sets are not yet available/yet to be tested.

The area is divided into six sections separated by roads, housing and farmland. The terrain includes mature woodland, open and semi-open areas with significant hills (for Essex).

Come and experience some Essex contours! 

Registration & Start Times

Registration: 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. 
Starts: 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Courses close: 2:30 pm
Start and finish are close to the car park.

Course Information

White, Yellow, Orange, Light Green, Short Green, Green, Blue and Brown.
A course suitable for all abilities. Help available for beginners. 

Entry Details

Seniors £7 (£2 surcharge for non-British Orienteering members.)
Juniors £3.
Electronic punching will be used at this event – SI ‘dibber’ hire fee 50p.
Pairs and groups pay one senior fee only but should take only one map.
Entry fees include car parking, levies and access charges.

Contacts / Officials

Planner: Guy Lidbury (HAVOC)
Organiser: Janet Biggs ()  
Controller: Graham Batty & Paul Beckett (HAVOC) 

Dogs allowed?

Dogs must be kept on a lead.

Safety and Risk

A comprehensive risk assessment will have been carried out by the organiser, but participants take part at their own risk and are responsible for their own safety during the event.

Privacy: when entering our events your name may appear in the results section of this website or in newspaper reports.
Read our privacy policy to see how we look after your personal data.

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